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A $5000 “The Origin – 1874” is an Inaugural Release in the LOUIS XIII Time Collection

A $5000 "The Origin – 1874" is an Inaugural Release in the LOUIS XIII Time Collection

Cellar Masters of LOUIS XIII have introduces the LOUIS XIII Time Collection, a series of exclusive limited-edition decanters that pay tribute to the brand’s history. The First Release in the Series “The Origin – 1874” is a tribute to the original decanter created for Louis XIII. Not only the LOUIS XIII de Rémy Martin is a blend of 1,200 eaux de vie between 40 and 100 years old, aged in oak barrels that are several hundred years old, but the iconic cognac has been a witness to many of the most significant events of our age: in 1900 it was awarded at the Paris World Fair; in 1929 it was aboard the fabled Orient Express; in 1935 it inaugurated the S.S. Normandie; in 1938 it celebrated the royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at Versailles; in 1944 the liberation of France with Charles de Gaulle; in 1984 it took the Supersonic Concord at Mach 2.

The opening release of the LOUIS XIII Time Collection, “The Origin – 1874”, is created to highlight a special chapter in the brand’s history. The design of the decanter of this limited-edition cognac is reminiscent of the style of very first bottles used 142 years ago, from the moment Paul-Émile Rémy Martin purchased an ancient royal flask unearthed by a farmer in a field near Jarnac, the site of a historic battle.

A $5000 "The Origin – 1874" is an Inaugural Release in the LOUIS XIII Time CollectionMade of pure Saint-Louis crystal, the decanter differs from current design by having 13 dentelle spikes and a unique stopper in the form of an upturned decanter. The neck and collar seal are in a champagne-gold hue, the decanter is housed in an elegant metal case and features a sleek woven texture, reinterpreting the wicker baskets in which the original bottles of LOUIS XIII were delivered. It is sealed with a slender metal rod, like the baskets were in their day.

A $5000 "The Origin – 1874" is an Inaugural Release in the LOUIS XIII Time CollectionThe cognac presented in this exclusive decanter is the classic LOUIS XIII blend of up to 1200 eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, the youngest of which is at least 40 years old.


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