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The Luxury Lifestyle Agency that Illuminates your Brand Brighter than the rest

Reaching a high net worth demographic with news and inside information about how your brand will enhance their lifestyle.

Causing a reaction for your target audience to become loyal fans of your brand.

Engage our exceptional team of PR, advertising and marketing magicians that will seal your success by delivering undisputed results.

Lux Exposé can make that magic happen and is a distinct choice for lifestyle publicity and public relations. Lux Exposé ensures your customers are imbued and experience the service or product you bring to the luxury marketplace.

The alchemy Lux Exposé creates goes far beyond getting your brand out there in just any blog news story for a fast result. The most potent PR translates concrete messaging about your company’s brand, its soul, benefits, personality, essence, and even customer profile – accompanies your name in top luxury magazines and luxury blog articles, broadcast report, and online feature that explains who you are and what you do.

It’s this supernatural instinct for branding that Lux Exposé has conjured up steadily in order to sculpture the Boston and Fort Lauderdale based company’s remarkable evolution. Lux Exposé’s branding know-how ensures you reach your most valuable audiences, merging your brand and potential customers together.

Lux Exposé mixes the best of small and large agency strengths: dexterity, reverence, availability, and hands-on involvement of top personnel combined with global reach, undisputed experience, vision, and capabilities. Automotive, Yachting, Food & Wine, Real Estate, Luxury Design, Luxury Hotel & Resort, Spa, Events, and luxury consumer products. No matter the task, Lux Exposé has proven its indomitability with superior results, branding companies in a way that ultimately impacts the bottom line.

Lux – |ləks(abbr.: lxnoun (pl.samethe SI unit of illuminance, equal to one lumen per square meter.ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from Latin, literally light.

Exposé – • (expose someone tointroduce someone to (a subject or area of knowledge or Luxury)

Lux Exposé  –  was launched in 2009 by Entrepreneur Kevin Payne.


Affinity Marketing

– Affinity Marketing is a highly targeted form of marketing. Specifically with luxury events it allows brands access to each others’ wealthy clients. Affinity Marketing works particularly well between luxury brands. Reaching a target demographic through traditional methods such as mass advertising and PR can be ineffective especially when it comes to a niche market. Sharing business initiatives and ideas in a structured, professional environment can produce valuable results, dramatically increases the potential for gaining new clients and delivering a return on investment which far outweighs that of traditional marketing methods. Although many luxury brands understand the benefits of Affinity Marketing, most don’t really know how to make it work effectively. This is where we come in and our track record speaks for itself since 2009. Here are some of the affinity marketing activities we have found work really well for us and our clients. – Joint B2B & B2C Luxury Events – Strategic Brand Alignment – Product Placement – Co-Branding – Media Share – Our Lux Card Program – Referrals and word of mouth


– We create unforgettable and intimate luxury events bringing together socialites and tastemakers at select venues. Our Lux Card which is only available to a chosen few helps us facilitate the creation of our unique high profile luxury events that will allow your brand direct communication with a hard to reach target audience. Our events are also a strategic way of rewarding brand faithfuls and makes them feel appreciated. Our company Lux Exposé has acquired solid relationships over the years with many local and global luxury brands. We are thrilled to utilize our Affinity Marketing , luxury event experience and pair them up to create these unique experiences and luxury events.

Our abilities at Lux Exposé has established itself as the most aggressive of companies operating in the niche area of luxury affinity marketing. Through private, membership only, city based networks,Lux Exposé successfully operates by creating exclusive relationships between many of the cities most respected and experienced luxury establishments. Our strength is in the ability to create these partnerships, one-of-a-kind sales and showcase events, collaborative events, product placement, privilege and reward programs, combined with the skill and knowledge of marketing and advertising by our partners at (GIAA) Genius Advertising Agency. Our bottom line is to get you the right customer and demographic period. We host events that lead to sales, for our team this is not a job it’s a lifestyle.

Lux Exposé

– Our exclusive luxury events in conjunction with our city based interactive luxury guides set us apart from any other luxury media outlet in the world. Our luxury events will facilitate the natural invigoration of creativity that emerges through conversation and the relaying of shared experiences, leading to the generation of new business ventures, sacred friendships and ideas. Our luxury events will only take place in unparalleled chic, high-class elite locations. This has created an atmosphere that will define Lux Exposé as the pinnacle of not only aesthetic, but also intellectual and social refinement. Never before has an idea like this come to fruition and we would like to formally and officially offer the opportunity to be a part of our forward movement. Affiliation with Lux Exposé will provide a discerning but highly effective marketing campaign.

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