Air China & Ritz-Carlton Create A High-End Dining Experience in the Sky

Air China has signed an in-flight catering partnership with the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Beijing, to create a gourmet dining experience above the clouds. The high-end menu will be available in all first class cabins on routes between China and North America from 1st August.

Air China & Ritz-Carlton Create A High-End Dining Experience in the SkyThe new partnership proves that the airline’s motto of “Enjoy Flying” has been worked into every single detail. The Ritz-Carlton Beijing and Air China share a dedication to the pursuit of ever-better quality. The hotel’s signature restaurant Barolo, helmed by Chef Amedeo Ferri, specializes in the perfect pairing of delicious Italian food and delectable wines. The restaurant’s distinctive fine dining experience is created thanks to chef’s unparalleled sensitivity to ingredients and flavours and unremitting quest for innovation in the kitchen. These qualities have all come to the fore in the development of Air China’s new in-flight gourmet options.

To make Barolo’s Italian classics to be part of the new gourmet meal range, Air China had to enlist the help of a specialist airline catering company Beijing Air Catering Co. Ltd. It is one of China’s biggest airline catering specialists that has developed and implemented food safety regulations and provides high-quality catering services for over 50 domestic and international airlines as well as clients on the ground. Air China worked closely with head chefs from Beijing Air Catering to develop gourmet dishes, before teaming up with Mr Ferri to discuss ingredient selection and flavours. Thus, the airline was able to craft a delicious menu that meets all catering standards and is suitable for mass production without compromising on quality or taste.

Since early 2016, the airline has been rolling out localised dining options that best suit the dietary preferences of passengers from different parts of the world. On its Shanghai routes Air China has introduced six new international meals for gourmet dining in the clouds, on its German routes there is quality caviar alongside six nutritious, seasonal Western meals so passengers can “taste the seasons from their seat”, whereas Air China has rolled out some exquisite typical Japanese dishes for its Japan routes. The airline has even developed a special holidays menu: the passengers are served hand-made multicoloured dumplings for Chinese New Year, sticky rice parcels for the Dragon Boar Festival, and children’s gift boxes for Children’s Day.


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