Airbus Unveils the Melody Cabin Concept for the ACJ320neo Family

Airbus has developed the new Melody cabin concept for the ACJ320neo Family which integrates harmonious curves inspired by nature with an emphasis on a quiet environment for high-quality sound. To create the new cabin environment, the aircraft manufacturer had to take into consideration the needs of its private jet customers who expect to take their lifestyles to the sky.

Airbus Unveils the Melody Cabin Concept for the ACJ320neo FamilyThe cabin’s natural flow, inspired by the curves of nature, gives passengers freedom of movement on-board, along with greater space and comfort. The Melody Cabin Concept boasts a more stylish entrance and is split into zones separated by extra-large openings which can still be closed off for privacy. The walls are decorated with an attractive honeycomb pattern that echoes the carbon fibre materials used in the corporate jet’s construction. The windows can be lightened or darkened via fingertip control and plant-based decorative panels.

Airbus Unveils the Melody Cabin Concept for the ACJ320neo FamilyLocated in the jet’s forward section is a homely kitchen, as well as lounge area that provides a 65-inch curved television screen – the largest available in an Airbus corporate jet. Beyond the lounge right in the middle of cabin is the conference and dining area that can comfortably seat up to six passengers. In the aft-ward section of the Melody Cabin Concept there is a home-cinema that comes complete with a retractable large-screen television and subtly designed loudspeakers. A private master bathroom includes a separate lavatory, shower and washbasin. Beyond the bathroom, is a spacious bedroom suite that includes a large double-bed, along with a separate sofa facing it.

The ACJ320neo jets for which the Melody cabin is available as an option will start deliveries at the end of 2018. The jet features wingtip Sharklets for better aerodynamics, new-generation CFM Leap-1A engines for added fuel efficiency and extra fuel tanks. The ACJ320neo can carry up to 25 passengers for flights as long as 7,767 miles at speeds of up to 630 mph. It is priced for about roughly $95 million and the price includes a VIP cabin.


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