The $1,500 AKG N90Q Headphones Are Worth Every Dollar

AKG N90Q Headphones feature an advanced technology that adapts to the listener’s ears, creating a powerful and unprecedented soundstage experience

The state of the art AKG N90Q headphones are inspired by the Grammy Award winning producer Quincy Jones. The N90Q flagship level headphone embody the pinnacle in acoustic performance and audio customization. Premium materials like leather and aluminum, five patented technologies and full HD audio work offer the superb audio experience.

LuxExpose AKG 1Using TruNote auto calibration and active noise cancelling technologies, along with dual foam cushions and ear cup mounted controls, the AKG N90Q allows users to enjoy high end, faithful and precise sound reproduction with adjustable sound stage effect and personalized tone control. Dual density ear cushions help to reduce the reflections inside the acoustic chamber while dual rotary controls on ear cup enable easy access to volume control, bass and treble levels and sound imaging.

LuxExpose AKG 4The built-in DAC enables hi-res digital audio tracks on a computer  or an Android device to be directly connected through the micro-USB port of the headphone, so that no digital/analog/digital conversion is needed, which means no quality loss.USB connection provides full HD audio playback, software updates and rapid charging.

LuxExpose AKG 2A bling gold-color trim of the headphones complements the black leather and aluminium finish. The AKG N90Q headphones are housed in to a special power case, which comes together with a matching battery pack and a travel pouch. You will also find a flight adaptor, a 3m straight cable, a 1.2m 3-button remote/microphone for iOS and a 1.2m 3-button remote/microphone for Android and Windows, as well as a Micro USB charging cable.



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