Aston Martin Art of Living Ice Drive in Courmayeur

Aston Martin Art of Living offers to test driving prowess under the guidance of highly skilled Aston Martin experts, on one of the world’s newest ice tracks in Courmayeur. For £3,995, the participants can experience the dynamic capabilities of Aston Martin extraordinary cars in a series of skills tests, in some of the most challenging conditions.

Aston Martin Art of Living Ice Drive in CourmayeurUpon arrival, the participants of the Aston Martin Art of Living Ice Drive in Courmayeur will be treated to an extensive selection of fine Italian wines at the Grand Hotel Royal E Golf. There, guests will enjoy world-class gastronomy in a fantastic setting of “Petit Royal” restaurant by Michelin Star chef Maura Gosio. After the lavish dinner, they will be given an ice driving briefing that grants an unprecedented access to the highest ice driving track in Europe.

Aston Martin Art of Living Ice Drive in CourmayeurSpecifically for the Aston Martin Art of Living Ice Drive in Courmayeur, a series of driving exercises have been created exclusively for the most adventurous Aston Martin guests, designed to challenge them and push them to the next level. Under the watchful eye of Aston Martin experts, test the performance handling, steering, counter-steering, all from behind the wheel of one of extraordinary cars. Experience the unrivalled dynamic capabilities of an Aston Martin in one of the most sensational driving locations in the world. You will be one of very few people to feel the power of an Aston Martin’s engine on ice.

After the tiring course of driving challenge, guests will be treated to a fantastic private dining experience at Chateau Branlant, overlooking the breathtaking alpine skyline. The Aston Martin Art of Living ice drive in Courmayeur is a perfect mix of exhilaration and relaxation that sets it apart from any other alpine adventure.


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