Autonomous Tent Cocoon Designed By Harry Gesner

A legendary architect Harry Gesner has designed a 700-1,000 square foot Autonomous Tent Cocoon made of steel frames and a fabric shell that can handle winds up to 90 miles per hour. Designed to be a permanent structure, the property only takes a few days to raise, requires no foundation or utilities and can be taken down and transported easily. The portable house comes in two sizes — the 700-square-feet cocoon ($100,000) and the 1,000-square-feet tipi ($200,000). Both these shelters are meant to provide amenities of luxury homes even in different outdoor spaces.

Autonomous Tent Cocoon is designed to be installed almost anywhere to provide warmth and comfort even in the most remote locations around the world. The frame of this portable prefab home consists of laminated beams, steel or aluminum tubes, resting on a raised wooden deck and enveloped by a high-tech mildew, rot and pest resistant translucent fabric that can withstand hurricane-strength winds and heavy snow.

For the comfy and luxuries off-grid dwelling, the Autonomous Tent Cocoon is installed with solar panels, composting systems, and gray water systems. Solar panels generate enough energy for the property, reducing any environmental impact. The bathroom features a full shower, and a high-tech composting toilet. Inside you will find a king size bed with comforter and luxurious cotton linens. There is also a gas fireplace and leather lounging chairs.


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