Avro Business Jet Explorer Concept by Design Q

Back in 2010, the U.K.-based design shop Design Q has created the Avro Business Jet Explorer concept for a global defense, security, and aerospace company BAE Systems. It is the first of four concepts that Design Q developed for BAE Systems with the intention of developing the ABJ. Although the $6 million concept remains to be a concept today, we can’t but praise the daring and foremost vision of the creators.

The Avro Business Jet Explorer concept represents a bold and innovative approach to aircraft interiors. Design Q has developed this project to deliver a range of exceptional interiors for different VIP aircraft market segments. The ABJ Explorer concept integrates the outstanding airfield performance characteristics of the aircraft, with the combination of high-specification interiors and the unique “Air Deck” viewing platform, to create a product that is believed to be a first in aviation history.

On the ground a huge side door powers open to reveal a concealed platform that extends out from the aircraft. The “Air Deck” transforms the rear of the aircraft into the ultimate living space, providing an elevated outdoor viewing deck combined with a luxurious indoor space incorporating a state-of-the-art entertainment system and vast open plan galley. This kind of aircraft is aimed at the high net worth individual who wants the freedom to travel and explore remote locations in a stylish and comfortable way. Due to the position of four jet engines high on the wings, the ABJ is capable of landing on grass, gravel, or sand airstrips.

The elegant interior incorporates a beautifully proportioned lounge with curved sofas wrapping around a low central Ottoman from which monitors can be deployed. The jet features a dining area, a lounge, two private staterooms, and crew quarters. A fully equipped office workstation is incorporated into the forward bulkhead with a large display cabinet located on the opposite side of the aircraft providing a focal point on entry. A luxurious and spacious lavatory can be accessed from the offset walkway leading to the stunning rear entertainment lounge and “Air Deck”.


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