Bamford x Bentley Mulliner Mulsanne Speed

George Bamford of Bamford Watch Department, a company that specializes in modification of luxury watches produced by brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and TAG Heuer, has designed and commissioned a bespoke Mulsanne Speed to his own specification, delivered by Mulliner.  Just like Bamford Watch Department is a name synonymous with uncompromising style and quality, his dark-themed Mulsanne Speed features unique details that make car striking, stealthy and contemporary.

Bamford x Bentley Mulliner Mulsanne Speed

Bamford x Bentley Mulliner Mulsanne Speed is an all-black-everything take on the luxurious auto. In fact, it features more black and dark-tinted elements than any Bentley before. The finish was achieved through the process of Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). The coating material that produces the dark-tint finish is vaporised, and deposited on each piece of brightware, bonding molecularly with the base material. As well as the beautiful aesthetic created, PVD coatings are harder-wearing and offer increased corrosion resistance.

George Bamford has juxtaposed Kingfisher blue with dark theme of the interior. Kingfisher accents are seen in the front centre armrest, smartphone drawer and illuminated rear seat cabinet, in addition to a contrast stripe to the steering wheel and the face of the front console clock.

The centre of the seats are trimmed in fabric. For this reason, the Kingfisher accent was applied again, using a very specific and unusual stitching design. The 4 mm Kingfisher pinstripe sits between two stitch lines that fall 6 mm apart, framing the pinstripe and accentuating the contrast colour even further.

Specifically for Bamford x Bentley Mulliner Mulsanne Speed, the bespoke devision has adapted the illuminated cocktail cabinet to house a bespoke watch case finished in carbon fibre. The case was Bamford’s own, modified by Mulliner in a new carbon fibre finish and with Bentley detailing. Mulliner’s own cocktail cabinet design was then modified to accommodate the watch case, and trimmed in Kingfisher accent hide to match the other contrast details. This adaptation of the cocktail cabinet was done specifically for Bamford and is the first of its kind.



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