Behold Kaelo, A Revolutionary Iceless Ice Bucket

A UK start-up company Kaelo has designed an iceless ice bucket that strives to dramatically alter the ritual of champagne and fine wine consumption. Unlike a regular ice bucket, the new device maintains a consistently cold and dry environment for a drink that can be poured directly out of an ice-cold chamber, without any water drips or condensation.

Behold Kaelo, A Revolutionary Iceless Ice BucketDesigned and hand-built by designer the brand’s founder and managing director Kevin Jabou, the Kaelo ensures an ideal serving experience by its simplicity, one touch of the mirror polished bezel activates device instantly to create a chamber that keeps a bottle perfectly chilled. Made from from stainless steel for the rim and aluminium for the chamber, every component is precision machined from a solid block to ensure highest calibre performance. The device works with the help of a patented “Kryolux” technology which cools the chamber down within minutes and therefore doesn’t over-chill and numb the subtle flavors of fine wines.

Behold Kaelo, A Revolutionary Iceless Ice BucketKaelo’s innovative design and performance has been perfected to ensure it is powerful enough to work immediately, yet its energy efficiency means that it consumes less power than a 60w light bulb. The Kaelo’s chamber has been designed to fit various bottle sizes and to install it you simply lower it into a hole specified in to a worktop. Due to its compact size the device occupies little space under the counter.

Behold Kaelo, A Revolutionary Iceless Ice BucketThe Kaelo is an amazing solution for high-end public and private venues, luxury homes, members’ clubs, executive boxes, yachts,  private jets and five-star hotels and restaurants’ must-have.  The starting price of a hand carved Kaelo is $2,500.



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