Beiderbeck Designs Has Unveiled the 90m Purely Private Yacht Concept

Spread out over six levels, the new 90m yacht concept from German design studio Beiderbeck Designs promises to be a truly private vessel.

Beiderbeck Designs Has Unveiled the 90m Purely Private Yacht ConceptThe spacious yacht can accommodate guests over several ample staterooms, however, the owner can enjoy completely private owner’s deck which id fitted with a large sky lounge, BBQ and bar area, a 150 square metre penthouse, owner’s gym and an expansive terrace area with private pools.

You may need to use your motor yacht for business meetings and exclusive receptions. But, at the same time, you would like an intimate private space on board which can be accessed by only your nearest and dearest, and not just for leisure. This is often the case with superyacht owners who, for the most part, do not have public celebrity status, but still have elite taste and technical dreams. They call for mega yacht designs that create a strict separation, whether temporary or permanent, between a luxurious guest area with all the trimmings and the owner’s home. Most important though is that these designs should be generous. The 90-metre, purely private yacht from Beiderbeck Designs in Bremen, Germany achieves just that, spread out, as it is, over six levels.

Beiderbeck Designs Has Unveiled the 90m Purely Private Yacht ConceptA deceptively spacious private yacht from Beiderbeck Designs features an abundance of amenities like a helipad, a pool and illuminated dance floor both inside and out on the bridge deck, cinema, twin tender garage and a two-level beach club.


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