The $2,200 Benromach 1974 Single Cask Is An Incredibly Rare Scotch Whisky

The Benromach Distillery Company has launched the Benromach 1974 Single Cask, an incredibly rare single cask Scotch whisky distilled in 1974. Handcrafted using the best natural ingredients at the Forres distillery, Benromach 1974 is a unique bottle with real heritage.

LuxExpose Benromach 1The Benromach 1974 Single Cask is one of the oldest expressions to be released from the warehouses of the superb Speyside Distillery. After 41 years maturing in a sherry butt, the rare whisky possesses a shimmery golden amber color with opulent sherry influences infused with plump sultana, sharp green apple and zesty orange peel flavours, with rich underlying hints of beeswax polish, menthol and dark chocolate. The limited edition dates back to a time before the Urquhart family brought Benromach Distillery back to life. There are only 452 bottles produced, 40 of which are destined for the United States.The $2,200 Benromach 1974 Single CaskThe $2,200 Benromach 1974 Single Cask whisky is housed in a beautifull dark oak wooden box decorated with detailing, like two brass effect buttons either side to release the bulk of the box. Hidden inside is a decanter-style bottle in which, the contours of the neck and shoulder line sculpted to represent copper stills and a copper-coloured neck collar adds a refined touch. There is also a book which delves into the Benromach history and introduces whisky connoisseurs with some fascinating stories about the people behind the whisky.


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