Bespoke Car Rental Platform CarHopper Expands Its Operations

An online booking platform for the luxury car aficionado, CarHopper expands its operations to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. The first-of-its-kind tool for luxury car rentals gives access to the most unique autos in the world: Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini or McLaren.

Bespoke Car Rental Platform CarHopper Expands Its Operations
Bentley Bentayga

After securing $500,000 in the fourth quarter of 2016, CarHopper began its path as a startup that operated as booking platform for local and independently owned car rental companies. This week, the company announced that it had raised additional $1 million from a syndicate of angel investors. The funding helps the company to expand its sales and marketing efforts, as well as accelerate product development.

The CarHopped has expanded their services in key cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and across South Florida – markets in which luxury car rental demand continues to grow based on lifestyle trends and the rising global tourism industry. The revenue of the luxury car rental market in the United States is at an annual $5 billion and growing at a steady 10% a year, according to a report published by Statista (The Size of the North American car rental market – forecast 2012- 2022).

Bespoke Car Rental Platform CarHopper Expands Its Operations
McLaren 570

With an elegant online platform and an easy-to-use mobile application, CarHopper members can book effortlessly from a variety of real-time options. The company partnered with the best local luxury car rental businesses across the United States, to ensure that its clients will get the very best cars their destination has to offer.

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