The $4.5 Million one–off Big Bang Pistol Set crafted from a Meteorite

Cabot Guns has released its Big Bang Pistol Set, a set of fully functional twin 1911 pistols constructed almost entirely of a 4 billion-year-old meteorite

Earlier this month, the Big Bang Pistol Set by Cabot Guns was showcased at the 2016 NRA Members Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. Twin 1911 handguns are made from the Gibeon meteorite that crashed into present day Namibia in Africa. The Gibeon meteorite took 4 billion years to create flying through space born in tremendous heat, frozen solid in space, heated again and cooled again before finally crashing to earth.

The 4,5 Million Big Bang Pistol Set

From a space-rock, the Cabot Guns teams crafted a complex and precise mechanism. The Big Bang Pistol Set consists of a pair of left and right pistols which feature individual serial numbers to reflect the geographic coordinates of the place where the Gibeon meteor was discovered in 1830. The pistols are fully-functional with the resultant of their National Match barrels, accurate; verified both on the rest and in off-hand shooting. The engineers used electron beam technology to add bimetal support only to the frame/slide rails, hammer, guide rod and extractor of the Big Bag set, while and the pistol’s components, down to the barrel bushing and trigger are 100% Gibeon meteorite.

The intricate process of crafting the Big Bang Pistol Set included x-rays, 3D modeling, electron-beam welding, and EDM wire cutting, all performed with the greatest care. To top it all, these handguns were also acid-etched to accentuate the meteorite’s crystalline pattern and the bark (the outer surface of space rock) was left untouched on the trigger.

The Big Bang Pistol Set is expected to go on sale by auction and then snagged by the highest bidder.



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