Blade Simplifies Short-Distance Travel For the Holidays

Blade’s latest addition to its app, Blade Bounce, allows travelers to charter a helicopter with a boarding time within 20 minutes of booking


Launched in summer Fly Blade, a new high-end transportation service, makes it easier to travel to the Hamptons by chartering helicopters from New York to Long Island’s east end. For the holiday season the company is expanding its short-distance aviation services. The travelers going to New Jersey can use the mobile application to quickly charter a helicopter to and from New York helipads and Teterboro Airport. Blade Bounce allows customers to charter a chopper with a boarding time within 20 minutes of booking. It helps in avoiding the 45-minute to an hour drive in traffic to reach Teterboro Airport by car. The  travelers who fly with Blade Bounce will be booked on an entire six-seat Eurocopter helicopter for only $800.


The affluent consumers will soon enjoy more privileges of using the Blade service. The company plans to announce a combination jet charter and Blade Bounce package with leading private aviators. The brand also hopes to gain access to large New York area airports for connections to commercial flights.

Currently, Fly Blade only operates helicopter flights from New York to the Hamptons. To operate its flights, Fly Blade has partnered with Liberty Helicopters, a provider of owned and operated helicopters in the Northeast. With just three taps, the consumer can book their helicopter flights well as search Fly Blade’s schedule to find a time that fits them. If  a helicopter is unavailable on the schedule due to a conflict or full bookings, Fly Blade offers a crowdsourced option. The consumer can use the app to obtain a helicopter to leave at a specific time and if all seats are not accounted for, the seats are then opened to the Blade community. The company plans to expand soon and offer its services from Boston-to-Cape Cod, L.A.-to-Las Vegas, and possibly European routes.


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