Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante, the Ultimate Mechanical Chronograph

Breitling has unveiled its own split-seconds chronograph movement and one of the most sophisticated horological complications, the Manufacture Breitling Caliber B03. Protected by two patents, the new movement is distinguished by its innovative construction ensuring a maximum of precision, sturdiness and reliability. To present this major technical breakthrough, Breitling has chosen its most emblematic model, the famous Navitimer Rattrapante, interpreted in steel or gold with an exclusive bronze-colored dial.

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante, the Ultimate Mechanical ChronographIn launching Manufacture Breitling Caliber B03, officially chronometer-certified by the COSC, Breitling is once again confirming its leadership position in the field of mechanical chronographs. With its two superimposed central chronograph hands, of which one can be stopped so as to measure an intermediate (split) time, before “catching up” (rattraper in French) with the first one still sweeping onwards, the split-seconds chronograph is considered one of the hardest watchmaking mechanisms to create. In developing its own split-seconds chronograph movement, Breitling has adopted an innovative approach to this exceptional mechanism. The brand engineers and watchmakers developed two innovations for which patents have been filed. The first breakthrough relates to the isolating system, ensuring that the use of the split-seconds hand has no impact on the precision of the timing, nor on the power reserve. The second innovation concerns the mechanism for stopping the split-seconds hand.

To highlight its exceptional movement, Breitling has chosen its famous Navitimer. Equipped with a 45 mm case, the Navitimer Rattrapante comes in steel as well as a 250-piece red gold limited edition (equipped with a transparent caseback). Both watches are distinguished by their exclusive bronze-colored dial, serving as a backdrop for the silver-toned counters and inner bezel reflecting the classic Navitimer look.

In an extremely refined detail, the B logo with its anchor symbol generally adorning the base of the Navitimer chronograph hands is in this instance divided between the two seconds hands: with the B on the red chronograph hand and the anchor on the split-seconds hand. This means the two elements are separated when the split-seconds hand is stopped, before reforming the brand signature when the hands are again overlaid. The split-seconds pusher, housed in the 3 o’clock crown, serves to stop and restart the split-seconds hand as often as desired during a timing operation – in order to measure split times or to compare the results of several competitors. The ultimate mechanical chronograph in a legendary watch.


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