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As co-owner of Prestige Imports, along with Brett David, Brooke David believes your mode of transportation is just as important as your dwelling destination. Synergizing both passions to create the perfect pair. . . Estates & Exotics.

Lux Exposé – Tell us a little about Brooke David

Brooke David – Born and raised in Miami’s tropical paradise, I feel very fortunate to call this magical city my home. Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a passion for business, interior design, and architecture. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, I knew I was ready to dive into Miami’s fascinating real estate market.

Brooke David

Lux Exposé – Your family is synonymous with exotic automobiles, why real estate?

Brooke David –  As co-owner of Prestige Imports, along with my brother, Brett David, I believe your mode of transportation is just as important as your dwelling destination. Synergizing both of our passions, I bring you the perfect pair, Estates & Exotics.

Brett David and Brook David

Lux Exposé – What are some of your goals in real estate and in life?

Brooke David – I recently partnered with Jessica Crockett, who has been in the business for the past thirteen years. As luxury living specialists, we created The JB Team, and plan on being Miami’s next top producing team.

Lux Exposé – What is the source of your drive and inspiration?

Brooke David –  My drive for success comes from my late father, Irv David. My father’s life story was always my biggest inspiration, but I will never forget him telling me that his greatest dream in life was for him to watch me live mine.

The David Family

Lux Exposé – In your opinion is there a shortage of young female entrepreneurs in South Florida?

Brooke David – Miami is a unique city with such great opportunities and I think that little by little there are more female entrepreneurs in the workplace that are accomplishing great things.

Lux Exposé – Without giving away your secrets, what are some of your marketing strategies?

Brooke David – My marketing strategies consist of creating an innovative experience and I am constantly thinking outside of the box. I crave uniqueness. Clever marketing is all about grabbing your audience’s attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Lux Exposé – How has social media impacted the way real estate is marketed?

Brooke David – Social media has created an instant way of receiving information. It amazes me that I can post one of my listings on Instagram and actually have someone in China contact me about it. It gives people from around the world the opportunity to be constantly updated on Miami’s real estate market.


Lux Exposé – Do you have plans in the future to mentor other young entrepreneurs?

Brooke David – I definitely plan on mentoring other young entrepreneurs. That has always been a dream of mine. Being a member of generation Y, I believe in the phenomenon of powerful youth and I would be honored to get the opportunity to help other people fulfill their own dreams.

Lux Exposé – Are you involved in any charitable organizations?

Brooke David – My brother, Brett, and I founded our own charity in 2011, called Ride2Revive. Ride2Revive provides children, who are undergoing medical treatment for life-threatening diseases, with memorable, adrenaline filled driving experiences meant to distract them from their health related struggles and revitalize their senses.


Lux Exposé – What are some of your favorite things to do in South Florida?

Brooke David – There’s nothing like Miami weather. My favorite part of my childhood was boating day every Sunday with my family. So whether it’s going for a boat ride in the ocean and looking at the incredible new buildings that dazzle Miami’s skyline, wake boarding with my two brothers, or spending the day at the sand bar, I love it all. I love being in the ocean.

Brooke David, PA.
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