Buben & Zörweg Bespoke Line

Buben & Zörweg Bespoke Line is created around philosophy that luxury means the freedom to design one’s life. The handcrafted masterpieces from the high-end watch winder and safe maker can be transformed into customised, one-of-a-kind highlights befitting any luxurious interior.

Launched in November, Buben & Zörweg Bespoke Line gives customers freedom in terms of color combinations for precious coatings, materials and finest leathers and serves across 10 of handcrafted safe collections. In fact, the customers have the last word when it comes to the finish on luxurious safes. The design customised in the form of personal preferences is available on demand and all issues concerning feasibility, calculation and compatibility with the standards of perfection are clarified in advance.

Each masterpiece from Buben & Zörweg Bespoke Line can be personalised with a range of 10 distinct shades of fine Italian Nappa leather and 10 individual high gloss lacquer finishes. Colors range from Arctic White, to Diabolo Red, Havanna Brown, Graphite and Emerald Green. The company enables collectors to create a masterpiece that is unique to them and receive it within 12 weeks from the time of order. Buben & Zörweg also offers an installation service, flying specially trained technicians anywhere in the world to install its masterpieces.



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