Bulgari Goldea, The Roman Night Film Starring Bella Hadid

In May, Bulgari has unveiled its new eau de parfum Goldea, The Roman Night, inspired by the night-time enchantment of the Eternal City. Italian luxury brand also tapped Bella Hadid as the new face of the fragrance. The fragrance evokes the frenzy of Roman nights, a night much like the one designed by Bulgari- free of inhibition with a scent of Goldea.

The advertising campaign for Bulgari Goldea, The Roman Night, was shot in Rome. Bella Hadid is the incarnation of Queen of Night. She is a spontaneous, extremely feminine and instinctive, she stays true to her choices. She takes the viewers through an unexpected Roman Night when the Eternal City sparkles and glows in an inviting way.

Bulgari Goldea, The Roman Night Film Starring Bella HadidGoldea The Roman Night fragrance is joyful, unbridled and dazzling, with a seductive, ultra-sensual core. Goldea The Roman Night woman, whose scent reveals a touch of mystery, highlighting her figure, accentuating her features and enveloping her in glamour. The scent was created by the master perfumer Alberto Morillas, who reinforced one of the most iconic signatures in perfumery, chypre, with his own special daring and combining the essential ingredients that define its particular character to create a modern, ultra-elegant fragrance.

The signature Goldea bottle embraces contrasts that reinforce its mysterious allure. A sleek and slender silhouette coated with scintillating black lacquer conferring a suggestive allure and exercising an gently provocative effect on the senses.


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