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Burj Al Arab Redefines Its Look With North Deck

Burj Al Arab Redefines Its Look With North Deck

Jumeirah hotel Burj Al Arab will get its own exclusive beachside resort called “North Deck” which will be bigger than a football pitch and is planned to be open for guests in the second quarter of this year

The world’s only seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai is set to be redefined with a “North Deck”, an outdoor luxury deck, a 10,000sq metre outdoor space that spreads fan-like to a distance of 100 metres over the Persian Gulf. The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has become a symbol of modern Dubai when it opened in late 1999. But the unique concept North Deck will be as innovative and even a global first in resort hotel design.

Burj Al Arab Redefines Its Look With North Deck

Burj Al Arab North Deck will accommodate 32 cabanas, 400 sun loungers, one fresh water pool measuring 612 square metres and one salt water pool measuring 828 square metres, one restaurant and a bar. The opulent structure has been developed by marine construction company Admares that is an expert in the alternative real estate field and specializes in the latest innovations in floating accommodations.

Burj Al Arab Redefines Its Look With North Deck

Designed in Finland the North Deck is currently being shipped to Dubai, where the six steel sections weighing 5,000 tonnes will be lowered by crane onto 90 piles that are already in place on the Gulf seabed. Burj Al Arab guarantees that the construction and steel pile installation will cause minimal impact to the marine environment. Moreover the environmentally-sound deck will also provide an artificial reef and shade for marine life.

Burj Al Arab Redefines Its Look With North Deck

Although guests at Burj Al Arab currently can enjoy four swimming pools, a private beach and nine on-site restaurant and bars, and are served by 1,600 staff, the installation of the deck will play a strategic role in leisure and tourism at Dubai and Burj Al Arab in particular.

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