Champagne Charles Orban, Cuvée Roger Daltrey & Ice Bucket

Champagne Charles Orban, Cuvée Roger Daltrey & Ice BucketWith the holidays right around the corner, now it’s the right time to do some last-minute preparations. If you have yet to find that perfect gift to give to a special one, look no further. Champagne Charles Orban has created a limited-edition Cuvée Roger Daltrey to commemorate The Who’s 50th anniversary and celebrates more than semicentennial career of the frontman of the legendary rock band Roger Daltrey. The bottle carries The Who’s red, black and blue bullseye symbol, Daltrey’s signature and comes together with a matching pewter ice bucket, made by jewellers L’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou. Sounds like a perfect present for any champagne connoisseur!

The bottle of Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey and label design take their cues from one of the band’s best-known albums adorned with artist Mike McInnerny’s famous Tommy artwork. Inside the bottle is a real treasure, 50% Chardonnay – 40% Pinot noir – 10% Meunier blend that emits delicious brioche and toasted oak aromas with hints of pears. Produced by Charles Orban Champagne, a family vineyard in the village of Troissy, nestled on the left bank of the Marne, the award-winning champagne is characterized by a fresh, intense attack, dominated by peaches and brioche, with subtle notes of caramel.

Specifically for Champagne Charles Orban, Cuvée Roger Daltrey edition, the jeweler L’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou has created 499 ice bucket. Every pewter ice vessel is numbered and decorated with an engraved bullseye and Roger Daltrey’s signature, using techniques such as casting, laminating, laser cutting and embossing.

Champagne Charles Orban, Cuvée Roger Daltrey & Ice BucketA percentage of the proceeds from the sales of the products will go to Teen Cancer America, the charity that Daltrey co-founded with fellow band member Pete Townshend.

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