CRN and Sutor Mantellassi Partner to Display Bespoke Art at the Montenapoleone Yacht Club

CRN, the Italian shipbuilder and brand, part of the Ferretti Group, specialising in the construction of fully-custom steel and aluminium pleasure vessels between 40 and 100 metres in length, will be among the leading brands in the spotlight at the Montenapoleone Yacht Club, to be held from 15 to 21 May. The brand’s mastery of naval art finds its ideal partner in the world-class bespoke craftsmanship of Sutor Mantellassi, the Florence-based handmade shoes brand.

These two brands share a fascinating history and a tailor-made approach that is common to both the fashion brand’s artisans, who create bespoke shoes for their clients, and CRN’s specialists, who know how to turn their Owners’ dreams and wishes into true masterpieces of international yachting. Each and every shoe by Sutor Mantellassi, which is made-to-measure and has a unique identity just like every yacht built by CRN, is an ambassador of the successful partnership established by the two brands, who both stand out for their accurate selection of raw materials, their product quality, and a painstaking care for the tiniest details.

CRN and Sutor Mantellassi Partner to Display Bespoke Art at the Montenapoleone Yacht ClubThrough their excellence, CRN and Sutor Mantellassi have contributed to writing important pages in the history of Made-in-Italy production. Indeed, both companies have made innovation the essence of their tradition and are recognised all over the world as real trend-setters in their respective sectors. Their partnership will be celebrated even more prestigiously thanks to a tasting session by La Scolca, a centuries-old wine-making company that has produced fine wines for five generations.

The Montenapoleone Yacht Club is unique, original celebration of the historic connections between the luxury and boat-building sectors. The brands represented on Europe’s top fashion destination will host the world’s best-known shipyards and yacht clubs, presenting a preview of their latest projects using scale models of prestigious vessels, cutting-edge designs, pictures, and video.

Image Courtesy of Sutor Mantellassi


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