Dom Pérignon P2 Campaign Is Fronted By Christoph Waltz

Dom Pérignon has unveiled its first advertising campaign for Dom Pérignon P2, “P2 Plénitude Deuxième. Touched with plenitude.” The international ad features the celebrated Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning Austrian actor Christoph Waltz, who seizes the multitude of expressions and emotions contained within a bottle of champagne.

Dom Pérignon P2 Campaign Is Fronted By Christoph WaltzDom Pérignon P2 campaign reveals the unique moment when the palate discovers the elegant bubbles of P2, creating unusual emotion. The sophisticated black and white film shot by Billy Kidd portrays Christoph Waltz sharing the emotions of the tasting experience with precise yet subtle expressions.

Dom Pérignon P2 Campaign Is Fronted By Christoph WaltzA 30-second video featuring Waltz enjoying a glass of P2 set to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

The uniqueness of Dom Pérignon vintages lies in the way they evolve – not steadily in a linear way but through successive windows of expression. These privileged points in time are called “Plénitudes” – captured moments when the wine sings higher and stronger.

P2 is the result of 16 years of elaboration in the cellars, the time for this exceptional champagne to reach the peak of energy, precision and intensity. The dark, mineral, iodine and spicy P2 is the Second Plénitude of Dom Pérignon. Known previously as Oenothèque, the Prestige Champagne House changed the name of its late-release Champagne to P2 in 2014.


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