Dom Pérignon Partners with Thirstie to Offer a ‘1-hour Luxury Delivery Service’

Dom Pérignon Partners with Thirsty to Offer a 1-hour Luxury Delivery ServiceUS consumers have a chance to order a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne directly from its website, and have it delivered ready-to-drink in an hour. For this purpose the champagne brand has partnered with alcohol delivery service Thirstie. Dom Pérignon will offer to consumers in selected areas of the U.S., starting with Miami and New York, the ability to purchase its iconic vintages directly via the brand’s website

Dom Pérignon & Thirstie is now offering a 1-hour luxury delivery service on a selection of its current vintages. The Champagne will be delivered directly to consumers already chilled down and ready-to-drink. This offers current vintages of the prestige cuvée, as well as the option to buy larger formats of older vintages, including a Methuselah of 2000 or 2002 rosé. The sales will be made by licensed retailers, facilitated by third-party technology and delivery service Thirstie, through its independent retailer network.

A continuation of the Moët Hennessy USA ambition of innovation in the market, the launch of a 1-hour luxury delivery service for Dom Pérignon presents a new avenue in which to delight the Dom Pérignon consumer, in the on-demand and immediate world they live in. – Jorge Cosano, who is vice-president of Dom Pérignon

An ‘on-demand’ alcohol delivery service Thirstie is serving NYC, Hoboken, Jersey City, LA, San Fran, Chicago, Miami, New Haven, Austin and Washington DC. It is also go-to resource for expert drinking guidance. Whether consumers need on-demand delivery, can wait a few days to enjoy a selection of rare products, want access to exclusive content, looking for expert recommendations, searching for the perfect cocktail recipe, or looking to send that perfect gift, Thirstie is the perfect partner.


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