Dornier Seastar Amphibious Aircraft

The Seastar is the world’s most advanced amphibious aircraft, engineered to operate on both land and water

A new assembly factory in Wuxi, China, will begin manufacturing the multi-purpose Seastar amphibious aircraft. German-based Dornier Seawings GmbH will begin customer deliveries late in 2018. The Seastar sells for about $7 million.

LuxExpose DornierSeastar 5The Dornier Seastar is a turboprop-powered amphibious aircraft built largely of composite materials. The amphibious aircraft has a range of 1667 kilometers (900 nautical miles) at 333km/hour (180 knots) with an endurance of 7.5 hours. It is capable of both normal runway landings and water landings at sea states of 60cm (2 feet).

Dornier Seastar Amphibious AircraftThe Seastar is the only aircraft in the world that can operate on land and water without compromising performance. Originally developed by Claudius Dornier, using design principles of his father, aviation pioneer Claude Dornier, the aircraft has two reliable Pratt & Whitney turboprop engines with 5-blade MT Propellers, which are mounted above the wing in order to stop water ingestion. An all-composite airframe, built in Canada by Diamond Aircraft, makes the aircraft resistant to corrosion. In VIP configuration, the spacious cabin seats up to seven in premium leather seats. Extra-large windows frame the scenery, and wood veneer details, an optional lavatory, and plenty of storage space ensure comfort.

Dornier Seastar Amphibious AircraftThe airplane also provides an unrivaled level of safety. The unique all-composite boat hull can perform in rough seas and is highly durable. The Seastar therefore allows for reliable operations even in harsh conditions.

Dornier Seastar Amphibious AircraftAs a multi-purpose aircraft, Dornier Seastar can be used as a VIP transport, commercial, governmental/special, and corporate missions. Mission versatility includes coast guard operations, search and rescue, border patrol, counter-smuggling measures, fishery enforcement, cargo transport and off-shore operations.


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