Döttling Opus 1, the Superior Level of Protection

The Swabian safe manufactory Döttling has created the exceptional piece of furniture that doubles as the state-of-the-art safe, an ideal hiding place for your Audemars and Hublots. Dubbed Opus 1, the safe comes with high-gloss finish in grand piano quality and is garnished with gilded decorative elements. Disguised as an antique armoire, it features the specially developed door mechanism, which completely obscures the hinges and the electronic high-security lock, which is hidden behind a secret flap in one of the decorative components.

The Döttling Opus 1 watch safe can be accessed by a finger scan or security code to get an admission to up to 250 valuable timepieces. The midnight black safe boasts an extra-resistant multi-shell construction and a built-in seismic microphone that makes an alarm go off if it senses vibration. The built-in seismic microphone records even the smallest vibrations and then immediately triggers an alarm. To secure the door, the manufacturer has created twelve gilded bolts made from hardened steel.

Inside, the Opus 1 contains 40 precision watchwinders, 12 drawers and two extendable tables and is lined with a poplar burl veneer and Alcantara. This safe isn’t just secure, they also happens to be beautiful example of craftsmanship in its own rights.


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