Escape Vista Tiny House

If you were looking for a house designed to let you escape the stresses of everyday life no matter the weather, here is the solution: Escape Vista tiny home. Vista is an escape to a private space that is both sheltering and directly connected to nature thanks to its quiet, clean, open design. It can make an ideal guest house and absolutely amazing for AirBnB or rental space.

luxexpose-escapevistatiny-9The $46,600 Escape Vista tiny home can be easily transported due to its trailer-based design. The 160 square feet, 9-feet tall, 8.5 feet wide, and 25 feet long house features open and airy windows, kitchen, a large bathroom that boasts tub/shower and vanity, real-size bed, a big dining/work space, and even loft. Inside, the fold-down furniture provides maximum floor space when needed. There are hidden storage and compartments for valuables, built-in nooks and crannies, and secret places only owners know about.

The exterior of Escape Vista is clad cedar vertical siding and cedar trim with steel accent and protective panels. Access is gained via a full light 36″ glass entry door and there are energy-efficient Low-E windows. Some or all windows can be obscured glass for privacy. The interior walls of the tiny home are clad in aspen and the floor decked in oak laminate.


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