Fancy Living in the Two-bedroom Boat House by Bluefield Houseboats?

Bluefield Houseboats is the fledgling company that designs and manufactures a wide range of floating structures which can be used alone, as a houseboat, or in modular fashion to create new areas of public realm, housing and commercial spaces. Bluefield Houseboats are located in Ireland but ship their products worldwide.

Fancy Living in the Two-bedroom Boat House by Bluefield Houseboats?The floating spaces from Bluefield Houseboats are design lead, system based and client focused. The company works closely with clients to ensure that their ideas and ambitions are fulfilled. Also the engineers take into consideration the opportunities offered by a particular site to produce a tailored turnkey solution to match with the client’ needs. Currently, Bluefield Houseboats offers a wide range of design solutions, ranging in size from 500sqft to 1800sqft, across one or two storey layouts, needless to mention that the exterior design is customized and bespoke.

Houseboats are designed to meet the two statutory definitions of a land-based building and a water-based vessel, so that the company’s creations not only comply with the latest building regulations (and exceeding them where possible) but also meet the relevant Maritime & Coastguard Agency codes of practice.

Each houseboat is built around the principle of “passive design”. It maximizes the use of natural heating, cooling and ventilation to create comfortable internal conditions, minimize energy bills and create a smaller carbon footprint. Each one of these boats comes with a minimum 50 year life and is fitted with a smart system that allows everything from appliances to thermostats, light switches to sound speakers, to be centrally managed and controlled using your smartphone or tablet.



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