Feadship Choice Yacht Concept Comes with Two-Man Drone & Detachable Beach House

Netherlands-based firm Feadship celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Feadship Future Concept with its most audacious project to date. Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, the 2016 Feadship Choice offers an abundance of opportunities for autonomous living on and off board: two co-propulsion tenders, a detachable beach house, a drone and a motioncompensated pool. Onboard options include a stabilized swimming pool and sandy beach.

Feadship Choice Yacht Concept Comes with Two-Man Drone & Detachable Beach HouseThe 234-foot yacht concept Feadship Choice features the revolutionary Feadship Independent Control System (FICS). It is an autonomous control platform that is designed to relieve the captains and crew’s workload and enable the yacht’s systems to run on their own. The system uses sensor technology and real-time online data such as wave radar, weather forecasts and traffic information to gather information on the surrounding conditions. Intelligent control processes deploy this data to determine how the yacht should best respond.

Released on a regular basis since 2006 in order to inspire the next generation of owners and the industry, the Feadship Future Concepts are based on client feedback, regular brainstorming sessions and research studies. Over the past decade they have been remarkably prescient in foreseeing a growing interest among owners in aspects such as glass construction (X-stream), hybrid propulsion (F-stream), low fuel consumption (Breathe), eco-friendly design (Aeon), facilities for younger owners (Qi), the desire for privacy (Relativity) and the art of entertainment (Royale).


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