Feel the YSL Boutique’s Flair inside the $11,2 Villa Putman

The cliffside Villa Putman located in Tangier, a major city in northwestern Morocco, has found its place right between Yves Saint Laurent’s former cliffside retreat and an estate once owned by entrepreneur Malcolm Forbes. An early-20th-century home was reworked by Andrée Putman, French interior and product designer who was one of the world’s most respected artists, responsible for glamorous boutique designs including: Karl Lagerfeld, Azzesine Alaïa, Thierry Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent, and Cartier. A five-minute drive from Tangier’s medina, with views of the Spanish coastline, the five-bedroom villa is listed for $11,2 vie Christie’s International Realty.

Feel The YSL Boutique's Flair inside the $11,2 Villa PutmanThe minimalist Villa Putman was restructured in 2001 to feature clean lines and geometric forms of its 6,200 square meters of living space. Due to its cliffside location, the six level house boasts a flowing floor plan enhanced by spacious terraces adjacent to rooms. The unique architectural elements like natural rock outcrops, skylights, fireplaces, and two-story floor-to-ceiling windows make each room different from one another.

The upper level of Villa Putman has a large terrace that faces the Spanish coastline and is fitted with a spacious parasol area, Jacuzzi, an ample bedroom and en suite. The main level includes a marble-and-beech kitchen and a dining room with a balcony and sliding glass doors that open onto a terrace. The lower level features a stunning office space, with impressive views through the panoramic windows, likewise in the living room, bedroom with en suite, a sauna, gym, bathroom and laundry room. The two lower levels include another terrace, a meditation room, bedroom with en suite. A lower terrace also features an infinity pool.


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