Ferretti Group is Recognized as a World Leader in Yachting

Ferretti Group ends 2016 with a production record of 148 yachts, which is 25% higher compared to the 117 yachts built in 2015. With 71 yachts over 24 metres, either sold and under construction, Italian multinational shipbuilding company is a leader in this category too. This is confirmed by the new Global Order Book 2017, the definitive ranking list of the 20 top builders of yachts over 24 metres just published by the authoritative American magazine “ShowBoats International”.

By 31st December, the number of yachts built under the Group’s seven brands will reach a remarkable 148 and thus makes 2016 a record year with an increase of over 20% from 2014. The expected turnover for the current year will be almost 500 million euros. These figures, which are well above the industry’s global performance levels, confirm the strength of the Group’s industrial and commercial strategy, which included the launch of some 24 new models over three years, with an investment by the shareholders, the Weichai Group and the Ferrari family, of over 50 million euros on product research and development.

The brand’s strategy based on exclusivity, innovation and attention to people has turned into a successful growth, as demonstrated by the revenues and the profits it achieved. As in previous years, the new Global Order Book for 2017  has only confirmed the supremacy of Ferretti Group. Notably, the Group was ranked first for number of projects sold or under construction, with as many as 71 under the brands Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Riva, Custom Line and CRN, and was ranked second overall with over 2,300 metres (7,546 feet) of super and mega yachts under construction.


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