Glenlivet Single Cask Edition Pullman Train Collection

One of the most famous malts in the world The Glenlivet is honoring the chic style of classic Pullman trains with a limited-edition series of single cask whiskies

LuxExpose GlenlivetPullman 3To mark its expansion into the US market, a standard-setting luxury whiskey brand The Glenlivet  releases a Single Cask Edition Pullman Train Collection, three new, special-edition Single Cask whiskies. Inspired by the legendary rail travel of the Pullman Company, the name of each bottle refers to this connection: Pullman Club Car, Pullman Twentieth Century Limited, and Pullman Water Level Route.

The brand’s historical ties to the Pullman Company, a legendary manufacturer of some of the fanciest passenger cars, are due in large part to the business flair Captain Bill Smith Grant, Founder George Smith’s last distilling descendant. Grant was able to persuade the Pullman Company to offer 2-ounce miniatures of The Glenlivet as one of the only Scotch whiskies available in the dining cars helping to spread the whisky’s fame across the US. The Glenlivet was served in Pullman Club Cars for many years and the distillery’s founder George Smith’s great grandson personally came to America to negotiate the contracts that first provided it to passengers.

Each Single Cask within the Pullman Train Collection is hand-selected by Master Distiller, Alan Winchester. Selected for its unique quality and intense flavor, The Glenlivet Single Cask Edition has been transferred from cask to bottle purely, at their natural cask strength and without chill filtration, therefore locking in the original flavor and character from the cask’s influence. The Collection will be available at selected retailers at a suggested retail price of $349.99 per bottle.

LuxExpose GlenlivetPullman 1Limited to only 618 bottles, the 18 year old The Pullman Club Car cask has an initial burst of sweet fruity ripe pears, syrupy peaches, and creamy milk chocolate followed by a subtle background note of nutmeg. Aged in European Oak Butt for 19 years, all 588 bottles of Pullman Twentieth Century Limited boast sweet and soft notes of honey, golden syrup and creamy vanilla, followed by a touch of floral gorse in full bloom.

LuxExpose GlenlivetPullman 3The palate is lively citrus orange, spicy ginger marmalade and cinnamon, rounded off by soft sweet notes of ripe pears. With only 321 bottles available, Pullman Water Level Route is aged in American Oak Hogshead for 15 years, and possesses floral notes of gorse in full bloom, balanced with soft, creamy fudge and fruity ripe peach.


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