Grand Tower By Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie Will Be Germany’s Tallest Residential Skyscraper

Architectural firm Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie has disclosed plans for the “Grand Tower”, a 172-meter, 48-story skyscraper in the city of Frankfurt, that upon completion will become Germany’s tallest residential building. The innovative project boasts staggering balconies and a facade with triple-insulated glazing. The balconies serve as oasis during the summer and also double as windscreens. Each balcony will also come equipped with solar panels to supply energy to the building. The building’s glass envelope will allow the sun to act as a free heating source to maximise warmth in the winter.

Grand Tower By Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie Will Be Germany’s Tallest Residential SkyscraperThe “Grand Tower” will feature retail outlets on the ground floor as well as a lobby with concierge services, rooftop sundeck, communal green roof and car park. The firm plans to build 401 condominiums, the majority of which will boast 3 or 4 bedrooms. The bathrooms will be situated against the walls, leaving the bedroom and primary areas to be set along the perimeter, maximizing ventilation and natural lighting.

An attached 5-storey parking garage, echoing the striking clean design of the tower, will be accessible to all residents. The upper penthouse levels of the tower cantilever slightly as a result of their larger floor plates. On the 7th floor, the tower offers a common area for all residents with access to a communal green roof on top of the building’s car park, while the 43rd floor invites occupants to relax on a sun deck.

The completion of the “Grand Tower” is schedule for the middle of 2019.


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