HiMirror Unveiled Remote Control to Its Smart Beauty Mirror

HiMirror Unveiled Remote Control to Its Smart Beauty MirrorHiMirror, the world’s first smart beauty mirror, enhances its beauty technology ecosystem with the HiMirror Series Remote Control. Providing consumers with advanced cosmetic experiences and at-home wellness analysis, the new remote offers seamless maneuverability.The new device offers instant navigation of the mirror’s features, including its smart ambient lights and media center.

Consumers have three ways to interact with the new device: gesture, voice and remote control. It can assess your skin’s condition, including wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, pores and roughness. This will allow users to take early measures in improving their skincare routines and achieve their beauty goals. Combined with a unique history tracking system that allows customers to view their progress each day, the high-tech mirror provides the most accurate at-home beauty solution. Moreover, it can double as a media player for music and videos and even offers the ability to create personal audio and video messages.

HiMirror Unveiled Remote Control to Its Smart Beauty MirrorAvailable for preorder this week on the brand’s e-tail store, the smart remote will be bundled with the HiMirror Plus ($269) and HiMirror ($199), and it is also sold as a standalone accessory. The preorder remote control bundles will be available with limited-time pricing inclusive of free shipping starting August 18.


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