Hublot Big Bang Sugar Skull Capsule Collection

Hublot collaborates with Bischoff, the leading Maison Suisse lace house, and AK SKI, the ski manufacturer, to create the Big Bang Sugar Skull capsule collection. The fine Saint Gall embroidery and its ancestral art made by the Swiss flagship company Bischoff and the skis by AK SKI, in a spirit of fusion, cut in rubber, proudly bear the Hublot SKULL emblem.

The Hublot Big Bang Sugar Skull capsule collection includes two limited edition watches Big bang Sugar Skull Blue Cobalt and Hot Pink, as well as the sumptuous skis decorated in floral arabesques and created in the name of the prestigious Manufacture. The skis are crafted by AK SKI, famous for revolutionizing the world of winter sports by becoming the first manufacturer to use rubber on its skis. This material is also part of Hublot’s pioneering spirit. It is extremely elastic, it has an unbeatable stretch factor and resistance.

The Big Bang Sugar Skull capsule collection is comprised of 100 watches. 50 timepieces make up the Big Bang Sugar Skull Blue Cobalt edition. They featuresa 44-mm diameter case in matt black ceramic and house a mechanical automatic winding chronograph movement. The signature skull is drawn in midnight blue on the skeleton dial. Its motifs are engraved on the bezel and embossed on a strap of calfskin sewn onto rubber. A chronograph whose small second counter and minute counter mischievously evoke the gaze of the skull.

Limited to 50 pieces, the Sugar Skull Hot Pink edition is adorned with floral arabesques sketching out a “skull” motif. The silk organza embroidery was prepared by Bischoff’s master craftsmen in Saint-Gall. The watch features a carbon-fibre dial which is paired with a ceramic bezel and pink rubber strap. On the dial, layered sheets of fibre printed with transparent resin are affixed onto a base of carbon fabric. A process that grips the embroidery so as to give it an illusion of depth and the finesse necessary for it to be housed within the heart of the dial. A 41-mm diameter demonstrates time-honoured expertise encapsulated like a work of art and telling the time through 12 black diamond indexes.


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