Hublot Reveals the Special Edition Classic Fusion Vendôme Collection

Hublot has officially released the special edition Classic Fusion Vendôme Collection, which will be exclusively displayed at its boutique at number 10, Place Vendôme. The timepiece was created to pay homage to Place Vendôme, which has been the backdrop for the Hublot boutique for five years. The 44-metre tall Parisian landmark dates back to 1810 and is covered in a bronze veneer, which was cast from canons taken from the enemy.

Hublot Reveals the Special Edition Classic Fusion "Vendôme Collection"
The dial of the Classic Fusion Vendôme Collection is decorated with bronze. Not the easiest material to work with, this alloy of copper and tin _ known also as “verdigris” due to its green and gilt marbling) is particularly volatile. The corrosion and oxidation to which it is naturally exposed jeopardise its longevity – even inside a timepiece. That is why the watchmakers at Hublot have enclosed it in a sapphire capsule to restrict its contact with air and thereby stabilise the alloy.

Hublot Reveals the Special Edition Classic Fusion "Vendôme Collection"

The case of the Classic Fusion “Vendôme Collection” is made of titanium. The watch is further sophisticated  with a “vintage” black rubber and brown calfskin strap; testimony once again to Hublot’s unique fusion of tradition and modernity.

The Classic Fusion Vendôme Collection was presented in the unique and ephemeral setting of the Vendôme Hublot Boutique, dressed in black to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the All Black invisible time display concept. Thanks to an interactive carpet, visitors were able to walk through all ten years of the concept; each step gradually revealing the key All Black models manufactured since 2006.


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