JetSmarter Launches Unprecedented SHAREDCHARTER Service

JetSmarter, the world’s largest private air travel and lifestyle community, has announced the launch of its SHAREDCHARTER services. The new offering allows members to create personalized charter flights through the JetSmarter’s app and offer the unused seats for purchase to other members. This new service makes it possible for the members to be reimbursed in flight credit for up to 100% of their charter cost. All in all, JetSmarter makes it possible to reserve seats on more than 50 routes across three continents, create on-demand private charter flights to anywhere on the planet, book luxury lifestyle benefits and even network with like-minded members.

JetSmarter Launches Unprecedented SHAREDCHARTER ServiceSHAREDCHARTER gives freedom to chose the destination and time of the flight and offers vast savings compared to traditional private charter options. After a member books their charter flight, leftover seats from these personalized flights will become available for other members to view and purchase. Once the seats are booked, the flight creators will be reimbursed in flight credit to use on future flights with JetSmarter.

Through the SHAREDCHARTER service, we’re looking to give our members more affordability than ever before by providing a shared flight option for charter services. We’re pleased to offer SHAREDCHARTERS, to provide flexibility and cost savings to flight creators, while giving flight finders additional supply and new destinations to explore. – Sergey Petrossov, Founder and CEO of JetSmarter

Reservations for the SHAREDCHARTER service can be made through the JetSmarter app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Image Courtesy of JetSmarter


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