Kimo Sabe Cinco de Noviembre Is Made From The Rarest Of All Agaves

Mezcal brand Kimo Sabe announced the launch of Colección de las Maravillas, a rare, limited release luxury line of Mezcal. The first edition of the collection, Cinco de Noviembre will debut in July at Tails of the Cocktail. The limited edition release of 700 bottles will be offered in select cities across the U.S. and internationally, aptly priced at $511.

Crafted by Kimo Sabe’s Co-Founder Ashley Kvamme and COO of Mexican Operations, Diana Rivas, Cinco de Noviembre even before launch was awarded the Agave Spirits Category’s highest honor Best In Class in 2017 by the American Distilling Institute, competing against all other mezcals and tequilas. The name Cinco de Noviembre is a tribute to Kvamme and Rivas mutual birth date. Colección de las Maravillas – inspired by co-founder Kvamme’s private collection of unique mezcal expressions – will showcase a new volume each year around the holidays.

The limited edition release is a blend of the rarest of all agaves, sonicated, then rested in glass for 26 months. Cinco de Noviembre required a year-long search to find the six rare varieties of agaves across the mezcal regions of Mexico. The exacting process of combining flavors began with blending single and double distillations and then combining them in a third distillation to achieve the utmost flavor accord. The final distillation was harmonized by Kimo Sabe’s proprietary sound wave technology and then left to rest slowly in glass for over two years. The result is exotic tropical notes in perfect harmony with aromas of cacao and spice complemented by notes of vanilla, cinnamon, toasted almond and sweet cooked agave.



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