Kokomo Island Fiji Is to Open in March 2017

Kokomo Island Fiji  is coming to the pristine shores of the private island on 31st March 2017, to deliver the superb service and offer the ultimate luxury experience. Spread across 140 acres, the island resort is nestled on the edge of the celestial Kadavu Island Group, dotted with rainforest and plush greenery. Lined with fine, white sand beaches, the shores are encircled by the The Great Astrolabe Reef, home to exotic coral gardens and sea life.

Kokomo Island Fiji Is to Open in March 2017

The vision for Kokomo was to create the best island resort in Fiji, a private island paradise that caters to the fast growing intergenerational market. Having spent the last 40 years’ sailing and diving around the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea and Micronesia, Fiji was by far my favorite destination. It was my passion for diving that brought me to the Kadavu Group of islands and Yaukuve Levu Island – Kokomo Island Resort. – Lang Walker

Conceived by Australian billionaire developer Lang Walker, Kokomo Island Fiji embodies his vision of perfect living near the water’s edge. The island’s villas are designed with luxury and privacy in mind. There is the Owners’ Beachfront Residence, five Hilltop Luxury Residences and 21 Exclusive Beachfront Villas, each with their own pool and private walled garden. The resorts 2 or 3 bedroom family villas feature spacious living area and ensuite in each bedroom.

Kokomo Island officially launches on 31 March 2017, with villas available on a limited basis from January 2017. The all-inclusive daily rate includes meals and beverages, accommodation, a spa treatment and array of activities. Life on Kokomo Island focuses on ease, indulgence, and experience. 



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