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“Making Weather” Levitating Cloud Speaker Is Hypnotizing and Amazing!

Folks at Brooklyn-based art and design laboratory Richard Clarkson Studio, prominent for thinking out of the box, deliver unconventional products that give new perspectives on everyday objects. Their latest project, “Making Weather,” a levitating cloud speaker proves that when art uses modern technology, it pushes the boundaries of innovation.

"Making Weather" Levitating Cloud Speaker by Richard Clarkson Studio & Crealev Is HypnotizingTo create “Making Weather” prototype, Richard Clarkson Studio joins forces with Dutch company Crealev that specializes in maglev technology design, floating, display and levitation products. A levitating cloud speaker integrates the innovative levitation technology developed by Crealev with the form and function of the Cloud product of Richard Clarkson Studio.

"Making Weather" Levitating Cloud Speaker by Richard Clarkson Studio & Crealev Is Hypnotizing
The first prototype of “Making Weather” comprises of a mid-size cloud which floats above a reflective oval base. Magnetic components that are embedded into both the base and the Cloud permit it to float 1-2 inches off the base. The base, which has to be plugged in a rechargeable lithium ion battery, powers the Cloud and provides it with unobstructed levitation while in use. With full rotational movement and slight vertical bobbing of the cloud a more realistic atmospheric experience is possible. This mesmerizing project is an audio device also, so it features an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and sound reactive LED lights.

"Making Weather" Levitating Cloud Speaker by Richard Clarkson Studio & Crealev Is HypnotizingRichard Clarkson Studio & Crealev creation is a prototype now, but both companies are certain that this will soon become available as a commercial product.


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