This Luxury Floating Residence By Schopfer Associates Is Tremendous

Boston-based design consultancy Schopfer Associates introduces Sting Ray, a luxury two story floating residence designed for those who dream of living not just near the water but on top of the water. A sting ray-shaped residence resembles fish, the tail of which connects the sea pad to land with a driveway that lights up at night. Slated for completion at the end of 2017, the Sting Ray floating home will be the real gem of the Aegean Sea.

This Luxury Floating Residence By Schopfer Associates Is TremendousThe Sing Ray home by Schopfer Associates features a two-car garage that advances the outward flowing sloped roof composition. The main level of two story floating house features area for entertainment while upper level that focuses around the central rotunda, boasts the master suite with the most tremendous views of the property, three bedrooms, two baths and dressing areas. The numerous amenities include an ample deck serving a beach, infinity edge pool, hot tub, dock, and fire pit. one repeated element is theo slotted-gill ceilings which abstractly mirror the sleek underside of the fish.

Inside, each room flows into the next in an expectedly open and well-lit layout. As can be seen from the renderings, the living room with its specific couch configuration offers plenty of lounging and dining options. And the inner rotunda serves as a hub for getting around the main floor—and up a curved staircase to the second floor.



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