MB&F Balthazar

MB&F Balthazar is a sophisticated high-precision robot clock composed of 618 meticulously finished, micro-engineered components. These components make it possible for a robot to rotate around the hips, articulate his arms at both the shoulders and the elbows and even clasp hands to hold objects.

LuxExpose MB&FBalthazar 1MB&F Balthazar is available in limited editions of only 50 pieces per color in black, silver, blue or green armor. It features a 35 days of power reserve and its clockwork displays “slow” jumping hours and trailing minutes through two discs on the chest, while the power reserve indicator is located on his belly.

His red eyes, which continually scan the surroundings, are actually 20-second retrograde displays. But if you rotate his torso 180 degrees and discover a terrifying Balthazar, along with a dual hemisphere moon phase indicator. To create Balthazar’s movement, MB&F has teamed up with L’Epée, the premiere clock manufacturer in Switzerland.

LuxExpose MB&FBalthazar 5Weighing in at over 18 pounds and standing nearly 16 inches tall, MB&F Balthazar borrow its name from the Biblical story about the three wise men, or magi. Balthazar was purportedly one of the Biblical Magi along with Caspar and Melchior who visited the infant Jesus after he was born. However, this robot clock was named Balthazar for another reason.

Maximilian Büsser explains: “In the Büsser family, for over ve centuries from the 1400s onwards, every eldest Büsser son was either called Melchior or Balthazar. It alternated. My grandfather was called Melchior and hated it, so he had everybody call him Max, which is how I became a Max. My grandfather hated the Melchior-Balthazar thing so much that he put an end to this 500-year-old tradition by calling my father Mario… Now, a century later, I happen to love the names Melchior and Balthazar!”



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