McLaren 570S Step2 Push Sports Car Is What Your Toddler Needs

McLaren Automotive has teamed up with The Step2 Company a large North American toy manufacturer, to create a unique 570S Step2 Push Sports Car, an ideal present for young audience. The $79.99 toy car, which is officially licensed by Step2, launches initially in Ventura Orange. It will be available exclusively through US in September before rolling out later this year through leading global retailers and

Ohio-based Step2 is recognised as pioneering the ‘push car’ and its expertise and knowledge of the needs of children and parents alike was vital to the project. The innovative 570S Step2 Push Sports Car allows parents to carry out their daily tasks or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll in the park without needing a conventional stroller. With a handy storage area under the seat that is perfect for stowing snacks and multiple cup holders to house that vital morning coffee and bottles of water, this stylish car lets toddlers rest their weary legs when the excitement of running around has worn off.

The design brief for the 570S Push Sports Car was to create something fun that would captivate the intended audience, displaying engineering and design prowess. Designers from McLaren Automotive and Step2 worked closely together to replicate the essence of the real McLaren 570S; Step2’s Whisper Wheels give the car a smooth ride, the flat-based steering wheel offers excellent feedback and electronic sounds provide an exhilarating experience for mini-racers.


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