Meet a $200,000 Rezvani Beast Alpha

At this year’s Los Angeles auto show, American automotive designer and manufacturer of high-performance supercars Rezvani Motors has revealed the 500-horsepower Rezvani Beast Alpha. Built on raw emotion, the Beast Alpha carries on with the aggressive theme synonymous with the Rezvani lineup. The car integrates a premium design with supercar performance and boast features like air-conditioning, airbags, power windows, and a removable targa-style top, all representing a first for the Rezvani brand.

Rezvani Beast Alpha features a manual transmission, weighs only 1950 lbs and its supercharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine can propel it to 60 mph in mere 3.2 seconds. The engine also allows  for a low cost of ownership and service. A close ratio 6-speed manual transmission provides accurate gear shifts and allows the driver to be fully involved in the driving experience.

The most eye-catching feature of the car is its door design. Dubbed SideWinder, the innovative doors, developed by Samir Sadikhov, pop out and slide forward. Trademark doors provide a unique experience unlike any other. Even more available room when entering and exiting, and a design that’s sure to turn some heads in the process.

Inside, Rezvani Beast Alpha is sophisticated with the help of a digital dash behind the steering wheel, that was inspired by racing instrument panels usually seen on racing cars. Ergonomically designed seats with just the right amount of padding and optional carbon fiber fitments provide maximum comfort for hours of driving.

Naturally, they are covered with the leather and the Alcantara. Air conditioning and airbags are also standard features, along with a drive mode selector for choosing how much power and stability control intervention the car uses.


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