Meet Seataci, the $100 Million Eco-Yacht Concept

Montreal-based engineer Charles Bombardier has unveiled a new project Seataci, a yacht concept that uses a biomimetic propulsion system resembling the movement of whale’s tail. The yacht is a new type of cruise ship concept capable of navigating in shallow waters by using an eco-friendly propulsion system in each of its connecting pods that would contain an oscillating foil to push water and engines. The new system is believed to be more efficient; it would generate less noise under water and would allow the ship to sail in shallower waters without breaking its propellers or rudders.

Meet Seataci, the $100 Million Eco-Yacht ConceptThe Seataci yacht would be equipped with a water ballast system to sink its main hull, while two side pods would not only be used to stabilise her but also would be linked with a hydraulic system doubled as a dynamic suspension.

Meet Seataci, the $100 Million Eco-Yacht ConceptThe ship’s crew and passengers would be able to travel to those pods at any time during the cruise, and passengers could use them as galleries to get a different viewpoint from the ship.

Meet Seataci, the $100 Million Eco-Yacht ConceptSeataci’s upper decks would be fitted a tropical garden surrounding its swimming pools and offer space to land its passenger drones, which would shuttle guests on board. When personal drones become widely available and safe, the Seataci could serve as a landing platform to explore inhabited islands without using boats.




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