Morelo Empire Liner Is the Lamborghini of the Leisure Vehicle World

Morelo Empire Liner, one of the most luxurious motorhomes in the world, is scheduled to be unveiled to public at the Motorhome & Caravan Show on Tuesday 11 October, with the show running until the 16 2016 at the Birmingham NEC. The jaw-dropping super-liner from German motorhome manufacturer Morelo is equipped with premium fittings expected of a home, including under-floor heating, rain shower and even a garage, perfect for storing a car.

The smallest model in the Empire Liner range, the 90 L, starts at 8.99 metres, while the largest 110 GSO model is a vast 11.29m in length. The Morelo Empire Liner took a year to develop and is based on a Mercedes Atego chassis, featuring a 7.7-litre, six-cylinder engine that produces 299hp. With up to six tons, it has a higher payload capacity than most other motorhomes weigh in total.

The $614,000 Morelo Empire Liner features a huge panoramic roof that provides views from the spacious double bed. Popular with A-list celebrities and Formula One customers, the super-liner comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a luxury bathroom complete with ceramic toilet, and owners can opt for satellite television. From the elegant real glass rain shower to a chic natural stone decor, the owners can enjoy the freedom to be at home everywhere.


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