MUJI Unveiled Radically New MUJI Hut Concept

A Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods, MUJI, has introduced its radically new MUJI Hut concept. Since opening their first store in Japan in 1983, the brand has become not only an internationally renowned company, but for many people is a way of life. The high quality materials for which the brand is known for, are incorporated in the design of the minimalist tiny home that can be put in the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, as it immediately blends in with the surroundings.

MUJI Hut is not as dramatic as owning a house or a vacation home, but it’s not as basic as going on a trip. The house has a raft foundation, which provides strength and guards against ground moisture. The outer walls are given enhanced antiseptic properties and durability by applying burned hardwood cladding. This is borrowed from the traditional art of Japanese shipbuilding, where builders burn cedar wood to increase its strength and add an oil stain finish. The inner wall surfaces are left untreated for the owners to design it the way they want.

Measuring at 9m2, the interior of MUJI Hut is compact, but the porch and the high shed roof create a space large enough for  up to 4 people. The large window at the entrance was originally made to be a shop’s sliding door. Light and wind visit through another smaller window. The mortar floor surface is left as is. Even in dirt-prone environments, the floor can be used freely like an earthen floor. Since the floor surface is nice and smooth, cleaning is easy, and flooring or rugs can be laid anywhere to suit the owner’s taste.

The $43,863 Muji Huts are expected to be released in fall in Japan. The company doesn’t release any sales schedule outside the Land of the Rising Sun.



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