Ortega Submersibles Presents Mk. 1C, a Multi-purpose Submersible Vessel

Dutch company Ortega Submersibles is already known for creating the fastest, safest and most versatile submersible boats in the world, but its latest luxurious yet accesible maritime commodity exceeds all expectations. Dubbed Mk. 1C, the three-seater submersible vehicle redefines a revolutionary way of underwater travel by using highly advanced naval technology.

Mk. 1C is powered by two high-power, electric motors and constructed for both over and under water activity. The personal submarine boasts a range of 92 miles and can travel over water at 10.4 mph or underwater at 12.7 mph.

Ortega Submersibles Presents Mk. 1C, a Multi-purpose Submersible Vessel

The vessel is fully equipped with a trimming tank, on-board breathing apparatus and HUD navigation system and can also have Magnetometers, Sonar, FLIR, extra air supply or an extended cargo hold of up to 250 liters; all on-board equipment supports dive depths of up to 95 metres / 310 feet.

A three-seater fully-submersible vehicle Mk. 1C features an integrated battery management system to keep all cell’s in optimal health, enabling a safer and longer lasting battery that can handle 1000+ charges / discharges. The BMS can also balance the entire cell to guarantee optimal power is delivered at any state of charge. The cells are air transportable and provide a quick submersible deployment and delivery. The large battery pack enables ROV-like sensor capabilities of the vessel, which offers enough room and power to implement many different kinds of positioning and acoustic sensors.


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