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Perrier-Jouët Marc Metamorphosis Ice Bucket

Perrier-Jouët Marc Metamorphosis Ice Bucket

To mark its five-year partnership with DesignMiami, a Champagne producer Perrier-Jouët has joined forces with the San Francisco-based designer Andrew Kudless to create the $5,000 limited-edition Perrier-Jouët Marc Metamorphosis ice bucket. Unveiled at DesignMiami/ 2016, the limited-edition ice bucket, is one of four pieces that represent Kudless’s visionary works build on Perrier-Jouët’s historic ties with Art Nouveau.

A love of nature encompasses the history and philosophy of Perrier-Jouët, informing both its artistic tastes and its winemaking expertise. In this new collaboration with Andrew Kudless, it translates into objects that express the Maison’s founding principles in dazzlingly contemporary form.

A homage to the crystalline freshness, subtlety and sophistication of Perrier-Jouët’s Belle Epoque cuvée, the Perrier-Jouët Marc Metamorphosis extraordinary ice bucket design takes the organic relationship with champagne to the limit. To create an innovative piece, Andrew Kudless has 3D-printed ground Chardonnay skins. Its rippled petals are a conscious metaphor for the wrinkled skin of a raisin. The designer has confessed that the grapes were dried in order to be ground up, and the ice bucket reproduces the texture of a grape as it dries. 

Besides the ice bucket, Andrew Kudless created a strand garden made from oak veneer screens, a 3-D–printed plastic table illuminated from within to evoke the radiant clarity and fine, vibrant bubbles of Perrier-Jouët’s distinctive wines, and a bench inspired by the chalk walls of Perrier-Jouët’s wine cellars.


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