Q By Aston Martin Creates One Of Four V8 Vantage S Swedish Forest Edition

Q by Aston Martin is a unique personalization service that synthesizes customer’s individual vision with brand’s skills and expertise. In pursuit of creating the ultimate Aston Martin, the bespoke devision upgrades the hand-built V8 Vantages, commissioned by Aston Martin Stockholm, and creates V8 Vantage S Swedish Forest Edition.

Q By Aston Martin Creates One Of Four V8 Vantage S Swedish Forest EditionAs the name suggests, Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Swedish Forest Edition is inspired by the colors of the forest, which can be seen in green carbon fiber trimming, wood interior accents and green leather. Limited to only four models, the luxury vehicle features the carbon fiber accents around the aero components and mirrors caps which are dressed in light-green color.

Q By Aston Martin Creates One Of Four V8 Vantage S Swedish Forest EditionThe interior of  the Swedish Forest Edition is a real work of art. The centerpiece, a bespoke wooden center console, is made of the same wood as the sill plaques, which come with etched logos of Aston Martin and Q by Aston Martin. The leather seats also feature logo stitched in a similar green shades as the ones used to trim the carbon fiber components. Needless to say that the forest motif that rules in the entire cabin is very symbolic; the upholstery is reminiscent of the ground, the wooden facia refers to the three trunks, and headliner the “forest roof”. When the interior lights are turned on the passengers can even witness artificial komorebi.

The V8 Vantage S Swedish Forest Edition is powered by the same 4.7-liter V-8 engine that pumps out 430 horsepower and 361 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.8 seconds to go with a top speed of 190 mph.


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